Ana Ahsana El-Sulukiyyah


Abstract : Pronunciation cannot be separated from the English teaching and learning process students can study listening well by having good pronunciation. Students can speak well in their communication with their understandable pronunciation, in writing and reading as well. But the teaching of pronunciation could be boring because of the drilling or “repeat after me” method. Phonetic transcription nowadays can be one good way to remedy students’ pronunciation. It can show precisely how the sounds produced and how the words pronounced. This research is a descriptive research which describes in detail the class activities in teaching pronunciation with phonetic transcription. It was conducted during the even semester of 2017/2018 academic year in English Phonology class. As the result, it can be concluded that phonetic transcription can help students to correct their pronunciation. This method is better than drilling method, because students know in detail how the sounds should be pronounced from the symbols shown in the phonetic transcription.

Keywords : phonetic transcription, method in teaching pronunciation, pronunciation ability

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