Nur Hari Gede Agustin


Abstract : Listening is enjoyable and interesting activity. Moreover, it supported by using English song. Some students may lack of vocabularies, the speed of the speaker, and grammatical structure. Listening was the activity to hear sound words and speech patterns from other people or native speakers to get the purpose. Media to make the students easier and interest when they learning English according to Van Elset al (1984) states that media are all aids which may be used by teachers and learners to attain certain educational objectives. There are so many media that the researcher can used to teach listening, such as movie, song, video, television, and game. One of media which appropriate to teach in listening is using song. As most teachers find out, students love listening to music in the language classroom and they often hold strong views about music. The kinds of the English song that can be chosen are classic song, pop song, and modern song, but the researcher choose the song with contain simple pronunciation, or the upto-date song. Because it easy to get the songs from the internet. So, it could be inferred that using English song one of the alternative media that was appropriate in learning English that gave interest, enthusiasms, and also can make the atmosphere of class to be more enjoyable.

Key words : English, foreign language, learning, song

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