Choirul Rozi, Lalu Isnaeni Rahman


This study was to find out successful learners’ strategies in learning English language. This study focused on describing the strategies of successful learner in UIN Malang based on learners’ perception. This study is qualitative case study in nature as descriptive data that are in the form of words collected through observation, fieldnotes and an in depth interview are required by the researcher to provide thick information about learning strategies of the learners. The subjects have good score for English subject and they also have excellency on language achivement proven by being the winner of debate competition, speech contest, has Toefl certificate, and the ones who gained highest score (GPA) chosen as a subject from different classes in the same semester. The subjects were in the 8th semester. The data taken was the primary ones from interview, observation and questionnairres. Then, the data were described qualitatively in the discussion. The technique of analyzing on this study tries to apply Miles and Huberman’s (1984) concept. The study revealed that the selection of language learning strategy is individual to the learner and dependent upon the learner’s past experiences and current life context. The teacher or lecturer are expected to incorporate language learning strategies into their teaching methods and approaches, train the students to apply the appropriate strategy for a specific purpose or a specific skill area, and encourage them to use the strategies as frequently as possible.

Keywords : Learning, strategies, successful learner

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